How Do You Know When It's Time to Upgrade to Adobe InDesign CS6?

Published: 17th June 2015
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Adobe InDesign has been the leading professional tool for digital publishing for a very long time. But having no serious competitor in the digital publishing space isn't always good for Adobe. Old versions like Adobe InDesign CS3 were so good that people had little to no reasons to upgrade to a newer release. System requirements are not as steep as other Adobe products and Adobe InDesign gets the job rather well when it comes to printing and publishing. But Adobe InDesign CS6 is more than just a tool for print design. If you think you had your fair share of Adobe InDesign training, you may want to get into Adobe InDesign CS6 to continue your training as it has some big new features.

Better Document Management

Adobe InDesign classes have probably taught you to make use of the workspace given to you and customize if necessary. But these workspaces can get cluttered really quickly if you need to work on bigger projects. Adobe made some big interface changes to the more recent versions of Adobe InDesign where you can use preset buttons easily switch to the workspace you like. Adobe InDesign CS6 keeps that familiarity while adding a nice feature called Alternate Layout.

Alternate Layout simplifies document management by porting an existing document to a new document with different page dimensions. For instance, you can open a two-page spread with your magazine layout and instantly optimize it for the iPad by selecting the iPad option from the Alternate Layout menu. This will set the appropriate dimensions and transfer all of the content so you can immediately make the rearrangements.

You can control this feature a bit more through the new Liquid Layouts feature. This lets you define certain rules for porting the content. So if you want to scale certain elements down or align other elements to some guides when transferring the content to another layout, you can define those rules so the process is done swiftly. All of that tedious stuff you learned in Adobe InDesign training has gotten simpler thanks to these new additions.

If you like making saving copies of older versions of your work, you will like the Linked Content feature as well. This feature lets you link all the assets across multiple documents making it easy to make a single change to all these documents. So next time your art director asks you to change the background color of your document, you can do that in your latest document and have the changes reflect any other documents you linked to.

The last feature that should benefit your workflow is the Content Collector. This is basically a small panel on the bottom where you can drag assets to so you can easily paste them to other documents or pages. It is definitely something you should master in your Adobe InDesign classes because you could work a lot faster.

Other Welcome Improvements

Adobe InDesign CS6 also lets you design interactive PDF files. You may need some additional Adobe InDesign training if you are not familiar with PDF creation but the results are rewarding because you can make special PDF documents for membership applications and the like.

Adobe InDesign CS6 isn't exactly a must-have upgrade if you are completely contented with the way you work with an older version. But if you have tight deadlines, InDesign CS6 can lessen the stress.


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